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At ERGO, every customer is unique

ERGO offers you 20 years of experience serving companies, communities, associations, government ministries, industrial firms and trade unions. Sergio Alvarez Rubio, founder of ERGO, is a conference interpreter and professional organiser of interpreting services.

From local government offices to multinational corporations, we offer you an interpreting solution that fits your needs, combining enthusiasm with professional flair. As your needs may change during the preparation of your project, we flexibly adapt to provide the right service package for you.
From small business meetings to major international scientific congresses, you can count on expert interpreters who go the extra mile to make your event a success.

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Our services

ERGO is your one-stop partner for all your interpreting and translation needs. By breaking down language barriers, we help you make your project a success.

Set up an international conference

ERGO offers you a comprehensive solution for your international congress or event: booths, headsets, sound system, translations… and we select the best interpreters for you!

Organise a works council

We are specialists in European social dialog. We take care of the multilingual communication of your European Works Council meeting so that management and union representatives can focus on the matter at hand.

Design customised remote solutions

The health and safety of our clients and our interpreters is our priority. To cope with restrictions on mobility caused by COVID-19, we are developing solutions enabling you to take part in and following along meetings, or even have your meeting interpreted remotely.

Work for industry

The needs of the industrial sector are both varied and specialised. ERGO offers interpretation and translation services adapted to your every situation and selects seasoned professionals in your field for you.

Plan a company meeting

Whether you are a large company or a small administration, you can rely on ERGO to design services tailored to your language needs. We advise you on the most suitable solutions and guide you through your entire project.

Request executive interpretation

Whether you are a company director or a policy-maker, we will accompany you on your travels or welcome your foreign guests right alongside you. Our interpreters are effective and discreet professionals, guaranteeing your meeting is a success.

Working with us in 3 steps


Discussion of your interpreting project’s needs

Nous vous proposons des solutions d’interprétation clé en main en assurant la gestion globale de votre réunion internationale :
  • Recruitment of interpreter teams
  • Translation of documentation
  • Supply of sound and interpretation equipment
  • Minutes of meetings
  • One-stop partner for all your needs
  • Better cost control


Selection from an extensive professional interpreter network

We choose interpreters based on your requirements. Our network is made up of accredited experts belonging to the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC):
  • Specialists in their respective fields of practice
  • Proven track record working alongside international organisations, businesses and public administrations


The ERGO difference

Unlike many agencies, ERGO is specialised in interpreting and interpretation-related services. There’ s a lot more to organising interpreting services than drawing up a list of interpreters off the internet… Such work requires a thorough knowledge of the partners, the profession, the modes of interpretation (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, etc.), technical equipment, suppliers, and so forth.

Our professional network

Sergio Alvarez Rubio is a member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) and The American Association of Language Specialists (TAALS).

ERGO gives you access to our broad network featuring over 3,000 professional conference interpreters and translators working all over France and internationally.

We are members of Calliope, the only worldwide network of expert conference interpretation service providers.

Thanks to Calliope, we can provide you with all-inclusive conference interpreting solutions in line with the highest standards of quality, at meetings and events all over the world.

Tailor-made support

Your event matters:

let us take care of your multilingual communications. That way, you can focus on the participants and ensure your meeting goes smoothly and by the numbers. ERGO offers you all the languages customarily spoken at international conferences: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Polish, Romanian, and more.

ERGO understands the value your organisation places on confidentiality. All our interpreters are committed to upholding the strictest professional secrecy and other principles set out in the AIIC Code of Professional Ethics..

Together, we’ll make your event a success!