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ERGO is your one-stop partner for all your interpreting and translation needs. By breaking down language barriers, we help you make your project a success.


Whether you’re putting on a public conference, an international congress, a training seminar, a major symposium or a scientific colloquium, we have a solution tailored to your needs and constraints!

Our conference interpreting teams provide simultaneous interpretation for your event in line with International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) [https://aiic.org/] best practices. The scope of our activities includes such fields as science, medicine, politics, economics and finance, public administration, the humanities, art, religion, and more.

European Works Councils (EWC)

For 20 years, we have been supporting European-wide businesses and trade union representatives and facilitating social dialog at bodies representing the employees, particularly at European Works Councils.

ERGO offers you made-to-measure service: simultaneous interpreter teams, portable interpreting equipment (booths, microphones, headsets, etc.), document translation for representatives, minutes of meetings, assistance with venue rental, etc.

Our interpreters have an unrivalled knowledge of procedures, directive texts, the various trade union bodies and federations, consulting firms and experts, and more. In addition, we intervene across different sectors, affording us in-depth knowledge of our customers' businesses (automotive, construction, metallurgy, food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemical, mass-market retailing, transport, etc.).

Count on ERGO to make your meetings a success!

Remote solutions

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has radically transformed the lives of people and businesses around the world. Containment measures and restrictions on travel and meetings have led to an unprecedented surge in teleworking and virtual collaboration, including videoconferencing.

We provide you with customised technical solutions for remote meetings with interpretation. We advise you, noting your requirements and the technologies you use in-house (Zoom, Skype, Meet, Webex, Teams, etc.) and offer interpreting services adapted to your multilingual communication needs.

Given the uncertain outlook of the health situation within the near future, have ERGO accompany you instead of postponing events which are crucial to the smooth running of your company or organisation. With ERGO, you're in good hands.


Factory tours for foreign customers and suppliers, technical training, maintenance procedures carried out by a subcontractor or manufacturer, installation of imported machinery, audits... Language barriers can come at a hefty price for industrial actors!

We organise interpretation services for you which are specifically adapted to a given situation. Let us advise you on the best mode of interpretation for your needs (consecutive, whispered, liaison, etc.) and, whenever appropriate, lightweight equipment designed for mobile applications (tour-guide systems, headsets, mics).

ERGO draws on an extensive network of professional interpreters boasting many years of experience in the world of industry (machine tools, automotive, food processing, health authority inspections, etc.). We are communication experts, ensuring the messages conveyed are understood properly through the use of suitable technical vocabulary, because interpreting in your field requires exacting precision..

Specialists you can trust!

Company meetings

The needs of companies are many and varied. Small and medium-sized companies don't necessarily hold the same kinds of events and certainly aren’t working with the same means as multinational corporations.

ERGO offers you a solution adapted to your needs and constraints for your board of directors meetings, shareholder meetings, motivational seminars, press conferences, business negotiations, staff interviews, and more.

We provide you with comprehensive, tailor-made services in the main international languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Turkish, Korean, etc.), always backed by our quality guarantee and commitment to absolute confidentiality.

ERGO also offers bilingual and multilingual interpreting solutions to local and regional authorities, government ministries, embassies, associations, political parties, universities, research centers, intellectual societies, and more.

Executive interpretation

You’re hosting a foreign personality, you’re preparing a business trip to a faraway country, language barriers have cast doubt over how a meeting with your best client might turn out... leave interpretation management at your event up to ERGO!

Our interpreters are accustomed to accompanying business or diplomatic meetings at the highest level. They have a perfect command of the interpreting techniques employed in such situations (consecutive, whispered) and know all the intricacies of both cultures' customs.

Don't roll the dice with your meeting, have one of our interpreters accompany you.

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